3D print models

Bring your plans to life with our 3D prints. Based on your design, we create customised models, ranging from individual buildings to elaborate city plans.


Building model

3D building model

Give people a spatial feeling that they miss when they draw. A 3D model convinces your customers of the design of their home, apartment or office.

The model can be made in dismountable floors so that the interior layout becomes visible.

Cityscape scale model

3D implant study

Show your project in it's environment. We'll print the city or surounding area on the desired scale via supplied files.

We can provide a completely finished model or simply provide the printed buildings and leave the finishing to you.  Models can be provided with floor plan, decoration and glass dome.                                                      

Presentation model

3d Housing Model

For a presentation model we put elements in the spotlight that you want to be shown. The environment can be made as lifelike as possible with trees, people, vehicles, etc. This allows your customer to best imagine what the project will look like in reality.

This can be produced in one colour, with limited colour keys or in full colour. Delivery possible with or without glass dome.

From 150 euro

From 400 euro

From 1000 euro

Bringing your plans to life together?

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