Design & engineering service

Formando specializes in design solutions for 3D printing. For technical, architectural and artistic solutions, we have in-house tools and knowledge to realize your vision.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering

Do you have a part that is no longer in production or that you would like to bring back into production? Using technical drawings or an example model, our engineers create a digital replica which can then be re-produced.

For difficult, organic shapes, we make a 3D scan to measure an object.

CAD design

CAD design

With CAD design, our engineers design parts tailored to your needs. We create digital files that can then be produced at our premises or elsewhere.

We think along with you about solutions and the necessary specifications such as the choice of material. Prototyping via 3D printing allows us to iterate quickly and bring your part into production at short notice.

3D printing solutions

Unique solution

Do you have a new application in mind where 3D printing can add value to your business?

Assembly tools, jigs & fixtures, customization, ... Flexible prints, waterproof prints or metal prints: we can offer you assist with its realization.

We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the possibilities.


"3D design tailored to your needs"

3d mascot

Organic design

For the realization of organic forms we use 3D scanning or 3D sculpting, depending on the geometry. With these techniques mascots or replicas of existing objects are created. This for marketing purposes or the production of scale models.

The shape, finish and complexity determine the techniques and materials that will be used. We help you to achieve the perfect result.

3D trophy award

Fire design

We support your creative process and think along with you about the best way to get your brand original. This through unique trophies, awards, pins, badges, mascots, ...

For permanent solutions we also provide original signs, plaques and name cards. Do not hesitate to discuss your vision with us. 


Trophy award pin badge mascot 
signage plaque name card

3D printing for art

Artistic design

For artistic projects, we will work with you to find the most suitable medium to achieve the desired final image.

We start from a description, sketch or existing object.

We think along with you about the production technique, choice of materials, finishing and look & feel.

"Tailor-made 3D printing solutions"


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