Formando is ready to help you with all your business needs in the field of 3D printing and scanning.

3D printing

You have a print-ready file. We make the 3D prints. In various materials.

3D design

You have an idea or a sketch, or want to develop a new product. We discuss it with you and make the 3d drawings.

3D scale models

You want to present your building project to the outside world. We make a customised 3D scale model for you.

3D printing

We turn your digital 3D model into a tangible object. With a file formatted in STL or in any CAD format we make your 3D print reality. We will offer you the perfect 3D printing solution with the right combination of technology, materials and finishing.

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Enough explanation, start printing immediately?

UPLOAD 3D model

3D design

Do you want to reproduce an existing object or develop a new product? Then we will help you with 3d design and drawing.

Based on a manual sketch or a picture with notes, we prepare a print-ready digital 3D design for you. Then we can print your idea so that it becomes reality!

For difficult, organic shapes, we create a 3d scan to measure an object.

Quotation 3D design

3D scale models

You are a project developer, broker or architect and want to convince your customer of a beautiful construction project. Ordinary drawings are handy but sometimes not enough. 3D models can show just that little extra that will pull the potential customer over the line.

We can help you with the digital design and the physical model.

Quotation 3D scale model

Do you have a question about 3D printing in your business?

We are happy to assist you with printing, design and advice. Just contact us for an informal consultation!

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