3D printing for industry

Would you like to print a prototype or part in a small or large print run via 3D? Print it at Formando! We have design engineers with 3D print knowledge who can assist your organization in the production and design of parts.



Prototype print with snap connection

With 3D printing we create a prototype of your product.

Starting from your concept or existing design, our engineers create a print-ready model. Which can be used for presentation purposes or as part of an iterative development process.

Production runs

Series production metal 3D print

3D printing lends itself to series work for small and medium print runs.

Because there are no start-up costs or tooling involved, additional orders can be placed at no extra cost. Feel free to ask us for advice on the possibilities of 3D printing for your production line.

Functional prints

Flexible TPU print

Do you have a new application in mind where 3D printing can add value?

Complex geometries, internal channels, integrated hinges or click systems: 3D printing offers design freedom that cannot be achieved with traditional techniques. Do you want flexible, waterproof or metal prints? G We'd love to assist you with its realization.                                                                          

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