3D print marketing material

Give your brand a unique look via 3D printing. We design and print personalized items for you: trophies, mascots, nameplates, ...


Trophies and awards

3d Verkoopsmaquette

Stand out with a unique trophy or award tailored to your event or company. You deliver a logo, sketch or rough idea, we convert it into a "first prize" result! 


Pins and badges

3d implantation Model

Tailor-made badges for your event? We 3D print your logo or idea and mount it on a pin or pin. Personalisation and variations in colour and shape are possible.

Mascots and medals

3d Volume Study

Bring your mascot to life via 3D printing! On the basis of drawings or an existing model, we make a 3D model that we can then print in all colours and formats.