3D printed art

Looking for how 3D printing as a medium can enhance your creative process? Let us inform you about the possibilities. We assist and produce your vision for 3D printed art.


Masters and moulds

3d Volume Study

Do you work with moulds to cast your creations? Then we can assist you in 3 ways:

- We print the master and you can make the mould around it yourself.

- We make the mould in silicone or PU. This is mainly for small works.

- We print the mould directly in 3D. This reduces the number of production steps and has a higher degree of repetitiveness.                                                                          


3d Verkoopsmaquette

Using 3D scans or self-made drawings, we create replicas on scale or life-size. You can have them delivered ready for presentation or without post-processing.

Using these methods, historical objects or images can be reproduced in a completely non-invasive way. For aesthetic or educational purposes.

Original work

3d implantation Model

Bring your unique creation to life through 3D printing. We produce your vision in materials ranging from plastics, metal to ceramics.

You provide us with a 3D file, physical models, sketches or ideas and together we work these out to the desired end result.

We think along with you to choose the perfect materials and techniques for your project.

Curious about what we can create together?

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3D printing production


3D printing architecture


3d print marketing