3D design

You want to reproduce an existing object or to create a custom version of it? Or maybe you have an idea drawn on paper and you want to realize this via 3D printing? You want to develop a new product? Then you need a digital 3D model.

This is how we work

Formando is happy to help you convert your idea into a 3D design. We always start with a personal conversation. Together we will analyse your challenges: what are the technical requirements? What is the practical and financial framework? How should the product look like? We use your existing sketches or engineering drawings, or make them together with you.

Then we make a digital 3D model (3d Drawing) of the desired product. We do this in the appropriate software (CAD) and deliver a model to industry standards.

If your object is very complex or contains organic forms, we will measure it through a 3D scan. The scan is delivered as a mesh (STL) or converted to a 3d CAD drawing.

Then we show you the digital 3D model so that you can verify whether it meets the requirements. We adapt where necessary.

If you approve the design, we finally make a 3D print in the most suitable material. On the page about 3D printing you can find more information about the possible materials and their main characteristics.


3D design: from concept to digital drawing to physical object
3D design: from concept to digital drawing to physical object

Examples of 3D designs

Below you will find a selection of our Portfolio Of 3d designs that we have created for our customers. Get inspired!

We assist with your design

You need a digital 3D model? Please contact us: based on your ideas and designs, we look how we can get started together.

You have no specific 3D print idea but you are facing big challenges in your business? You want to find out whether and how you can make use of 3D printing? We will gladly help you with strategic advice in 3D printing tailored to your business.

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