You are a project developer, broker or architect and want to convince your customer of a beautiful construction project. Ordinary drawings are handy but sometimes not enough. 3d models can show just that extra touch to convince the potential customer.

We can help you with the digital design and the physical model.
Also with 3D renders we can enhance the visualization of your project.

Presentation model

3d Verkoopsmaquette

The setting will be made as lifelike as possible with trees, people, vehicles, etc. This way the customer can best imagine how the project will actually look like.

This can be in one colour, with limited colour keys or in full colour.                   

Price: from 1000 euro

Implantation model

3d implantation Model

This shows you the implantation of your project in the surroundings. The decor is kept more sober. The buildings are smaller and less detailed.



Price: from 300 euro

Volume study

3d Volume Study

You gain a better understanding of the relationships between the buildings. Details are less or not important. The decor is kept sober.

Models in 1 color to keep the focus on the shape.                                                                                                                                          

Price: from 150 euro (6 buildings of 10 x 10 x 25 cm)

House model

3d Housing Model

A 3D scale model gives people a spatial feeling that they are missing with drawings. This makes it easier for you to convince your customer of the design of their home, apartment or office.

The scale model can be made in dismountable floors so that the interior layout is also visible.

Price: from 150 euro (20 x 10 x 10 cm)

Examples of 3D scale models

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